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Sunday May 2nd Addicted to Agilty

Sunday started with my car not starting in the parking lot of the motel, so I got to the trial late, and only got to walk Jumpers about 3 times. It seemed like a really easy, flowing, fast course. So of course we messed it up! Somehow Stewie ran around one jump and took another one, so no Q, otherwise it was a fun run.

Regular was a nice course and we did great, except Stewie did not want to weave, on the 2nd attempt he popped out, and we just went on. Good distance practice at least.

Next was Chances, and what a heartbreaker it was. Stewie got the distance, and the directionals, and the discrimination, and then ran by the 6 weave poles near the end. Whimper, whimper.

Touch and Go was fun, except we missed a hoop, so a NQ.

Tunnelers was a fun course, and we did manage to Q in it, the only Q of the day, with a 4th place.

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Act Up Agility

Stewie and I are headed to Act Up Agility trial this weekend. Chances here we come!

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Bo-Gee Agility Run thurs today

Stewie and I are heading to outdoor run-thrus at Boo-Gee in Raymond this afternoon. Should be fun!

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Fun with directionals

Stewie and I had a good practice with our 4 hoops and a couple of jumps. We practiced our directionals and turns! It is great to be practicing outside again.
I am also practicing more lateral distance in my leadouts.

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Top of the Morning to ya!

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Stewie’s Tunnelers run 2/27/2010-Smithfield, RI-Thanks Jules!

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Get on the Ball-moving up to Advanced Program

Stewie is doing really well with Get on the Ball, and we are now starting the Advanced exercises. Now I do see him getting a bit tired after our sessions. We aren’t getting out much in this weather so this is great for him.

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Get on the Ball Day 4

Stewie does the high five and “other five” on the ball.


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Get on the Ball practice

This is our 3rd night of doing the beginner section of Get on the Ball 2
Stewie is catching on very quickly. He will do anything that earns him treats. He will get on the ball, lay down, sit up, stand up, bend from side to side, and wave. We did 10 minutes tonight. It is a great time to year to do this program, especially with the cold and wind today.

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Happy Birthday Stewie!

Stewie is 7 years old today!Here are a couple of pictures when he was a little guy. He was 5 pounds when we brought him home at 8 weeks old. At the time we had Tobie, a smooth collie, and Aurora, our Siamese cat who has always been very patient with him,and always let him know that she was the boss!
What a great time I have had with him! He is my best boy! Jack Russell Terriers are the best! Always ready for run and any activity at anytime and a lap dog extraordinaire in the evening.



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