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Some fun training in the backyard

I have my hoops, some jumps, and two tunnels out in the yard, and a partially painted dogwalk. It just needs one more coat, but is was rainy today.
We have been working on our directionals, lefts and rights, and sends the last couple of days. It is great to work outside again.

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Fun with directionals

Stewie and I had a good practice with our 4 hoops and a couple of jumps. We practiced our directionals and turns! It is great to be practicing outside again.
I am also practicing more lateral distance in my leadouts.

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Agility Workshop

Stewie and I got a good workout at the workshop today. We worked on directionals and get outs and which one to use when. As always I need to work on being more timely with my cues and being more consistent with my cues also. So much harder to train myself then to train Stewie. I also need to practice my lateral leadouts.

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Some directionals tonight!

It was so nice tonight and still light outside so Stewie and I did some directional training with out one Hoop that isn’t too deep in the snow. We definitely needed the practice. Can’t wait to go to the barn in Grantham for training this weekend, haven’t done any agility in so long

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Backyard training today

After a good walk, we got just few minutes in the backyard before it got dark. I wanted to work on directionals. I set up a hoop with another hoop 8 paces directly in front of it. I also put a tunnel off to the left of the 1st hoop.
I sent Stewie to the hoop, told him “left” and he took the tunnel, good boy! I worked him off of both sides, and also sent him straight ahead with a “go on” several times as well. He only made a mistake a couple of times.

Tomorrow we work on “right”, Stewie is not quite as consistent on rights.

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Tuesday Training

Tonight we followed up on more go on’s and lefts and rights to obstacles with a favored obstacle straight ahead. Stewie got caught the first time and then got all the turns to the left. He still is not as reliable at turns to the right, sometimes turning to the left. Will continue to keep training on it.

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Weaves speed!

Yesterday I had Dave time Stewie while he went through the weaves 3 times.
I had time start at a jump, then a tunnel so he hit the weaves at speed. His first time was 3.37 seconds, the 2nd time was 3.57, and the last time was 3.05 seconds.

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It’s Spring, time to train agility

Happy Spring! I celebrated by getting some equipment out in the backyard today. First we worked on some weave pole training. I’d gotten Susan Garrett’s Excellence in Weave Pole Training
this winter and finally got started on it. I started Stewie on 4 poles and started right in on working the entries around the clock and I did quite well with throwing his bait pouch at the end of the weaves. Stewie was very enthusiastic about weaving and we did a few reps and ended on a great note. We will spend some more time on it tomorrow.
After dinner we went back out to the yard and did some work on directionals again. Today we worked on lefts again and he got 9 out of 10 correct.
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DIrectional Training

We trained out in the yard tonight! Hurray, only a little bit of snow left. I got our one tunnel and two jumps, and we worked on go on’s and turns out of the tunnels. Stewie is doing really well with lefts. That has always been his best turn. We worked on rights tonight and after he got the first couple wrong, I put out a target to help him. I also went with him more and called him from the right side while he was still in the tunnel. That helped alot.
We have gotten up to sending him to a tunnel about 50 feet away! Wow, I think that is great. Even in the backyard it is a great improvement from last fall, and he is doing it with great confidence.

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Training Directionals

Stewie needs to work on his directionals with a verbal cue for when he is far ahead of me. We are working on left first. We used a target to get started. I worked him off the left and the right sides.I have also started working with a collection cue before he jumps so he knows a turn is coming up.

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