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Susan Garrett on Transferring value in agility dog training

Very interesting article from Susan Garrett on triggers and adding value to You in your dog training.


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Good reminder to train and play

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Act Up Agility Seminars

Act Up Agility is offering seminars with Lisa Bonker!

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Get on the Ball practice

This is our 3rd night of doing the beginner section of Get on the Ball 2
Stewie is catching on very quickly. He will do anything that earns him treats. He will get on the ball, lay down, sit up, stand up, bend from side to side, and wave. We did 10 minutes tonight. It is a great time to year to do this program, especially with the cold and wind today.

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Controlled Unleashed LAT success

Stewie and I took a hike in the woods today, and saw a red squirrel running along the ground about 20 feet away. Stewie started running over, I gave my LAT command (look at that), and he stopped and came right back to me! It was unbelievable! Stewie usually goes so out of his mind when he sees a squirrel that he doesn’t even hear me. It was a jackpot moment, and I was so proud of him.
He has some so far with Control Unleashed. You should check it out at the Controlled Unleashed website. It does awesome things for your dog’s confidence and self control.
Here’s to you Stewie!!

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It’s Spring, time to train agility

Happy Spring! I celebrated by getting some equipment out in the backyard today. First we worked on some weave pole training. I’d gotten Susan Garrett’s Excellence in Weave Pole Training
this winter and finally got started on it. I started Stewie on 4 poles and started right in on working the entries around the clock and I did quite well with throwing his bait pouch at the end of the weaves. Stewie was very enthusiastic about weaving and we did a few reps and ended on a great note. We will spend some more time on it tomorrow.
After dinner we went back out to the yard and did some work on directionals again. Today we worked on lefts again and he got 9 out of 10 correct.
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NACAD Regular course

Here is the NADAC Regular course I did at the horse barn earlier this month.
We then reversed it and tried it again. We did really well with the go on’s and distance practice

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Our newest trick

While we were at the barn waiting our turn, I got Stewie to go up the mounting block and sit at the top. Then I taught him to get on the first step and back up the rest of the steps and sit on top. It was cute and only took a couple of minutes to do.

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Distance Practice at the barn

Stewie had a great practice at the barn on Sunday. He was much more confident on his go-on’s and I used about 18 ft of lateral distance when I led out and he didn’t even think about coming in to me.
He kept that distance from me and did the weaves with a tunnel layered between us. I am very pleased with our progress, and really enjoyed the course. I will post the course as soon as I can.

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CPE today at Bo-Gee

Stewie entered Level 2 Jumpers. He had a great start line stay while I led out 2 jumps. He had a bit of a wide turn to #4, since he started heading to the off course tunnel #12. The rest of the run was great, and he got a Q and a 1st place with a course time of 20.64 with a SCT of 43. My friend took video of all Stewie’s runs so I will post them when I get them.

Our next run was Wildcard level 2

I led out and sent him out to the A-frame and layer the “B” jump, he got his contact, but did not down on the ground, so we still have work there! The rest of the run was great, and Stewie was fast and enjoying himself. His time was 12.89 with a course time of 43. He got a blue and a Q. It was a fun run.

Our last run was Snooker, and we had a good plan to get a 7 and two 6’s. It all was going according to plan until I was really late calling him while he was in the tunnel and he came out and took the next obvious obstacle, which was not the correct one. All Mom’s fault. Stewie had fun though, which is what counts.

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