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Practice field is ready for fun

Our club, NEAT, put up the fence at our summer practice field (110 ft by 110 ft) and set up our agility equipment last night. Hurray! We did a short practice last night and had a blast. We have our regulation dog walk along one side and another low dog walk on the other side for beginners. And our beautiful brand new aluminum A frame is all set up. Now we can get back to practicing contacts at big distances!

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Bo-Gee Practice on Friday

Stewie and I had a practice at Bo-Gee on Friday the 13th. I wanted to work on his A frame contact behavior and start getting this contact behavior on the A-frame when I didn’t follow him to the end. I had noticed the last time that when I didn’t go all the way with him was when he started creeping down to the contact zone.
He did a great job on downing at the bottom of the A frame even when I didn’t go all the way.

He also did a really excellent job on all but one of his dog walk contact, and we were working from at least 20-25 feet away laterally. He is doing really really well at sending to the dog walk and also stopping and crouching at the end and waiting for me to say OK. I am hopefully we will finally start getting this behavior at trials! Imagine not missing a otherwise perfect run by a missed dog walk contact.
Well it doesn’t hurt to hope!

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