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Annette State Forest

The beautiful pine forest

Hubbard Pond in Rindge, NH

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Training and Tower Hill

Sunday Stewie and I worked in the backyard for a bit on get outs, and sends and then left turns to jumps and tunnels. He did very well taking the left turn and finding the tunnel entrance, instead of just continuing in a straight line.

Later we took a walk to Tower Hill Lake in Auburn for a couple of hours. First we hunted for a geo cache. Dave found it, but Stewie thinks he helped. Then we continued on a great walk.

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Club Practice

We had beautiful weather and a great practice Wednesday at club practice. We set up a USDAA Masters standard course. It was a great course except for the threadle, I hate threadles. That is probably because I don’t do them very well, I admit it!
Anyway, Stewie did fabulous weaves every time and got the entry every time, hurray! I handled the dogwalk from outside of the weave poles then called him over 12 and then turned and sent him to the poles. It worked great.

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Guilford Fair

Here are some pictures Dave and I took of the dogs and the fair. After the Show and Go, we walked around the fair and saw the horse pulling, and the horse show.

Sharing a drink!

Stewie watches the pulling horses

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