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Fun with directionals

Stewie and I had a good practice with our 4 hoops and a couple of jumps. We practiced our directionals and turns! It is great to be practicing outside again.
I am also practicing more lateral distance in my leadouts.

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Great Practice Today

Great practice today at the barn, and pretty warm there too! We worked on discriminations today, and Stewie did great, as long as I held up my end! Always so much harder to train yourself. I am working on leading out with more lateral distance also. It was great to get out and do a full course, and after some ball work later in the day, Stewie is ready to sleep for the rest of the night.

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Agility Workshop

Stewie and I got a good workout at the workshop today. We worked on directionals and get outs and which one to use when. As always I need to work on being more timely with my cues and being more consistent with my cues also. So much harder to train myself then to train Stewie. I also need to practice my lateral leadouts.

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Tunnel practice in the yard

Between the raindrops, Stewie and I had a practice with sending to tunnels. I put my tunnels in a curve in the backyard and practiced sending him from various distances, and various lateral distance from him. We did outs to the far ends of the tunnel and in to the closer end.
We had run and a good practice and Stewie got some running on the wet grass.

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Get outs and weaves

We had a good practice Tuesday night. We worked on get outs to jumps and tunnels, with about 20 feet of lateral distance. Stewie was doing great with that. Then we put it into a short sequence that included 12 weave poles from different directions. He was smoking! He likes to weave so much more now and is much faster and more confident! A great short practice session.

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