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Stewie earns his Superior Elite Regular Title!

Stewie earned his S-EAC title on New Years Day 2011 with a 1st place Q! This was at Addicted to Agility’s trial at N. Smithfield RI with judge Roger Coor. It was an awesome run with great weave poles with a time of 37.72. The 2nd regular run that day was the same course turned around, and Stewie had another blazing fast with with great poles, and beat his own time by 3 seconds with a time of 34.73!

You need to have 40 Elite Regular Q’s to earn the Superior title. Great job Stewie!

According to my records, Stewie has gotten 7 Regular Q’s since August 1, 2010 toward Championshops 2011!

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NADAC Championships

The New England group has arrived in Tennessee and the champs start tomorrow. I wish them a great time and super runs!

The requirements are 250 lifetime points in Regular with 100 points earned in the current year. The rest of the classes require an Open or Elite title with 3 qualifying scores in the current year. I reviewed the requirements for Champs and Stewie did qualify in all classes except Weavers.
It makes me pretty proud that he was qualifed to go. Maybe someday………..

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3 Pines Video Link

I am testing out the video link that I will use on my blog to view the NADAC Champions in TN in September.
This footage is from a NADAC trial in Montana, enjoy

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Requirements for NADAC Champtions 2009

The NADAC Championships are being held in Shelbyville, Tennesee this year on Sept 23-37 2009. The requirements for the Regular agility class is an Elite Regular title, at least 250 lifetime Regular agility points, of which at least 100 were earned in the current year of the Championships. Points are counted from August 1, 2008, to August 2nd 2009.

I would love to go, but alas won’t have the money too, but I decided that I would like to at least know that I would have completed the requirements to go, so got I got Stewie’s records out.

Elite Regular Title yes, done!
250 Lifetime Points We currently have 210 Regular points
100 in current year We currently have 80 points

We would would need a total of 4 more Regular Q’s in order to qualify for the Champs!
That is much less than I thought, and a totally doable goal, in fact I would like to say we will accomplish it in the first 2 or 3 trials we go to this May.

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