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Chances Success Sunday

Chances was the 1st class of the day again and we ran right away so I didn’t get much chance to get nervous, that was probably a good thing. This Chances course was doable also! Stewie did a flawless job and also got the out at the end which was 2 tunnels right next to each other. Luckily I got there in time to push him out. It was a great run and we got to check another Chances Q off of our score sheet. We are down to 8 more to go!
Mary and Lexi got Chances Q’s both days, that was awesome! Lexi has six more Chances to go to get her NATCH.

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Addicted to Agilty-Saturday!

Kudos to Ray Wheeler, our great judge this weekend at Addicted to Agility, and for another great trial Michelle and Mike, have an awesome time in Tennessee at the NADAC Nationals!

Our first run was Chances and it was doable! I Unfortunately there were no course maps at all to make copies from. There was a send out and then the dogs had to come back in, and I didn’t pull Stewie quick enough and pulled him off a jump. What a dunce! Other than that it was a great run and I was proud of Stewie’s performance.

Jumpers was next and it was a really tight and tough one. I actually did a front cross to turn Stewie off a tunnel, and I think I performed it correctly and the brat cut behind me and took the tunnel after all. No Q there.

Regular was next and the first set of poles was the 2nd obstacle, after the start hoop. Mary thought he was get the poles since he wouldn’t have gotten up to speed yet. But he blasted by them and I had to bring him back.

Regular 2: The poles were the 2nd to last obstacle and he got them first try and weaved great! Yahoo! Too bad we had missed a jump earlier in the run, drat!

We did redeem ourselves in Tunnelers and got a Q and a 3rd place. That Q gave Stewie his Superior Tunnelers Title, that is 200 points in Elite Tunnelers. Michelle gave us a title ribbon.

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Sunday Chances and Jumpers Success!

Chances was the 5th run of a extremely hot day, but I was excited, since looking at the course map it looked like it was possible to get this course. I got Stewie wet beforehand, and he rallied and did a great job. It was a very smooth course,and Stewie did it perfectly! He was flying by the time he got on the dogwalk, and Mary said she was holding her breath that he would get his dog walk contact. He got it and we got our 4th Elite Chances Q!. Great job Stewie!
Jumpers was the 6th run of the day, about 3:00 pm, I didn’t know if I should scratch or not, but Mary said to give it a try, so we did. Stewie seemed ready to run, it was a great course, and we had a perfect run. I did a lot of sending with him, and also layered jump #19, sending him to 10 and 11, and it worked perfectly. This run was a Q and a blue 1st place to end a fabulous weekend.

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NADAC Stowe Vermont

Mary, Lexi, Stewie and I headed for Stowe on Friday, it was a beautiful and hot day and our first stop was of course Ben and Jerry’s!

Saturday, we have it our best shot in Chances, and got a good portion of it but then took an off course. Drats!
THe weave poles were our nemesis again, the rest of the course was beautiful, and we did some distance and layering jumps, but we could not get through the the 12 poles, It is frustrating since he has been doing them so well at home.
Jumpers was a beautiful course and run with just a tineey weeney off course jump, sigh.

Touch and Go was fast and fun and a blue ribbon (and Q run)
I think Tunnelers was a Q and a 2nd place but it was SO HOT that since it was the last run of the day, we left for the air conditioned motel room (heaven). We can get our ribbon tomorrow. Of course now it is 7;00 pm and Stewie is Not tired.

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Chances, so close, yet so far!

This Chances course looked challenging and it was. The first challenge was to keep Stewie from going off course after #2 to the off course off end of tunnel #9. He was a good boy and turned out of the tunnel and did 3-7, and I thought we were going to make it but he turned in to me after jump 7, and if the dog turns in to you, he sees a line to #3 and then the A-frame. And that is what he did. But I was very proud of him that we got that far along in this tough course.
Afterward Erin gave me some good advise which was that once I got him out to jump 6, I should have said “go tunnel” instead of just go jump, it would have given him more information and maybe kept him out on that line of jumps.
I never thought of it for that spot but I will keep it in my memory bank for next time!

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Elite Chance course Greenfield Ma

Here is the Elite Chances course from Saturday at Greenfield on Sat. May 2nd. Of course the most worrying spot is #8, 2 tunnels right next to each other. Unfortunately we messed up even before that! Stewie went from the #3 jump out to the wrong end of tunnel #5. I wasn’t even thinking of that being a possibility and didn’t call him off in time. We didn’t get the correct tunnel at #8 either, but he did do the weaves like a champ. Lynn told me afterward that I was running laterally to him going toward #8, and didn’t leave myself room to push out for the outside tunnel. Better luck next time!

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