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Leap Year Pic

Leap Year Pic

Stewie at a Northeast Agility Enthusiasts trial in Greenfield, MA in May 2011.

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Stewie Regular Stowe 8/20/2011

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NAE Dummerston July 8-10

Northeast Agility Enthusiasts had their Dummerston Vt trial at Hidden Acres Campground July 8-10.
Friday night was NADAC Extreme Games Challenge, which we tried for the 1st time!
We did 2 runs each in Extreme Chances, Extreme Tunnelers, and Extreme Hoopers. It was very fun, and we got points in both Chances and both Tunnelers. The Hoop Circle defeated us on our first two attempts, but we will try again the next time Extreme Games comes to the Northeast.

Saturday was our big hope to get the Hoopers Q we need for Champs, and although the run started out well, we got a fault and so did not qualify.
We again trained our start line stay in the other classes, taking eliminations in Regular and Touch and Go.

Chances was a great course and we had a great run! It really flowed and we had connection and it was a beautiful thing. The challenge was an out to the tunnel next to the dog walk, a call in over two jumps, and a turn out to a jump, then the dog walk at a distance and several hoops out!

Sunday we had several good runs. Touch and Go was a great run until I sent Stewie off course to the A-frame, which he performed beautifully!

Chances Sunday had a series of jumps heading to an off course tunnel, instead the dog had to pull in towards you. I was very pleased that Stewie did not take the off course! Then he missed a jump though and ran by the 6 weaves poles that were near the finish. But the run still had good elements to it.
We finished the day with a smoking tunnelers run that was really fast and run. What a good boy to still run at the end of a hot 3 day trial.

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Dummerston Regular 1 7-11-2010

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Run thrus tomorrow

Stewie and I will get some practice tomorrow in Dummerston, before the NEA’s NADAC trial this weekend.Really hope it cools down. Can’t wait!

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Sunday at NAE Glastonbury, CT

Sunday’s classes started with Tunnelers. It was a really nice, flowing course, but we managed to mess it up! After a tunnel, Stewie turned the wrong way, which somehow caused me to trip, and it went downhill from there, since I forgot where to go after that. Oh well, Stewie had fun anyway.

Regular 1 and 2 were next, both were great, flowing courses. Stewie got the weaves first shot again, and weaved very fast and confidently! I am so pleased with his weaves this weekend. This was an almost perfect run, but I pulled him too hard at jump #11 since I was afraid he would take the A-frame, but we recovered and the rest of the run was perfect, but no Q

Regular 2 was an awesome run, he got the weave pole entry again, and he was going fast when he entered them. He got his tunnel/dog walk discrimination with no problems. A Q and a 1st place. Yards per second were 4.79.
Chances was next, and it looked challenging. We got a good start, but Stewie did not turn out to the # 7 jump, and we didn’t make it to the # 8 tunnel.

Our last run of the day was Jumpers and it was a fast course! Look at the beginning, it is lucky I can send Stewie on ahead of me, or I would never have made it. Stewie had a great run and made it look easy and ended the weekend with a Q and a 1st place, with a yard per second of 5.07.

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Pics from Dummerston on Saturday

Here are some pics that Terri Fischer(Kirby’s mom) very nicely took of Stewie at Dummerston on Saturday! Thanks Terri!

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Saturday at Dummerston, VT

The NADAC trial in Dummerston Vt started with Elite Jumpers, here is the course map:

This was a great run, the only thing that went wrong was Stewie turned the wrong way after jump #11, but he came back, it only cost us a little time. He earned a Q and a 3rd place, with less than a second behind the 1st place dog.

Our 2nd run was Hoopers, and our first shot at Elite Hoopers. I thought I had a pretty good plan, and Stewie is really good at serpentines, at least jump serpentines, but we had to take 3 tries at the 3 hoop one. We did get it and got all the challenges, but we went over time. Silly hoopers!

Here is our 1st regular course. It was a fun course to run and we got a Q and a 1st place! Stewie did great weaves and contacts, but didn’t stop on his dogwalk.

This is the course turned around,with a fast straightaway start, and an out to the tunnel. I was of course behind him and he went up the dog walk, so no Q for round 2.

Here is the Elite Chances course, it looked really hard and it was. It had the same dog walk/tunnel discrimination that the Regular course did, but at a big distance. Most dogs took the dogwalk, Stewie included, and Not A Single Elite or Open dog Q’ed at this course. The few dogs that got the discrimination went astray somewhere else.
Oh well…………..we’ll keep trying

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Heading to NADAC trial!

Stewie and I and Mary and Lexi are headed to Dummerston, VT. later today for a Northeast Agility Enthusiast’s trial.

We are hoping to get an elusive Chances Q!
Rain rain, go away!
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Here is a weaving pic from Saturday’s Northeast Agility Enthusiast’s May 2nd trial.
Go Stewie!
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