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Great Practice Today

Great practice today at the barn, and pretty warm there too! We worked on discriminations today, and Stewie did great, as long as I held up my end! Always so much harder to train yourself. I am working on leading out with more lateral distance also. It was great to get out and do a full course, and after some ball work later in the day, Stewie is ready to sleep for the rest of the night.

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Practice and Mousing!

Stewie and I got in some practice in the yard today, but it was hard to keep his attention long, since he has found mice in the yard.
I did get him to go some nice weave poles, and we are still practicing sending to hoops and dogwalk/tunnel discrimination. Then I let him go out in the tall grass and sniff around.

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Friday Practice

Stewie and I got some practice in today in the yard. We worked on weaves, which he did wonderfully several times. We also did several outs to a tunnel next to the dog walk. He is getting very consistent outs to tunnels next to contacts. I am very pleased with that. Now we just have to decide which of his Halloween costumes he wants to wear tomorrow!

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