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Get a free dog training podcast!

Special! When you go to Say Yes Dog Training, you can sign up for Susan Garrett’s newsletter and receive a free podcast from her about the importance of reinforcement in dog training. Good stuff!

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Elephant Trick, in progress………….

Here is some video of Stewie’s trick progressing.
Remember I am very new at this!

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Crate Games!

I brought Stewie’s portable crate into the house, and tonight Stewie got in it and wanted to play Crate Games! So I got our Crate Game CD out and did a little refresher. We did quite a few of the games last winter and they were fun. Stewie was much better in his crate at trials this past season. It has a lot of fun games in it and is great for doing some thinking games when it is too cold to exercise outside.
I would recommend this DVD to anyone who uses a crate and wants their dog to love it.
Click here to go to Susan Garrett’s website

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