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Stewie Regular Stowe 8/20/2011

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Chances course 12/31/2010

This is the Elite Chances course from New Year”s eve 2010 in Smithfield, RI.
We went off course after the # 6 jump. Stewie turned in to me and took the # 4 jump again, going in the wrong direction.It was too bad, I really think he would have gone on and done the hoops if we hadn’t blown it there. Only a couple of dogs got it.

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Elite Jumpers 9-26-10

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Get on the Ball, great for rainy days!

The Get on the Ball program is such a great winter activity and great for all the rainy days we have been having as well. Stewie gets excited when I get the ball out, and can’t wait to start! It is good for his muscles/core strength, and really helps tire him out.

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Ball work

Stewie has been keeping up with his ball work at least three times a  week. He loves the ball, he gets attention and treat, and I have definitely noticed more his hind legs are more muscular  then they were before we started in January. His doggie “abs” are stronger too. It is wonderful exercise and it does tire him out now  that we do the  Advanced plan.
Check it out here:  Clean Run

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Dig it!

Here is Stewie excavating a hole out in the woods on Mother’s day while we were geocaching.

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Controlled Unleashed LAT success

Stewie and I took a hike in the woods today, and saw a red squirrel running along the ground about 20 feet away. Stewie started running over, I gave my LAT command (look at that), and he stopped and came right back to me! It was unbelievable! Stewie usually goes so out of his mind when he sees a squirrel that he doesn’t even hear me. It was a jackpot moment, and I was so proud of him.
He has some so far with Control Unleashed. You should check it out at the Controlled Unleashed website. It does awesome things for your dog’s confidence and self control.
Here’s to you Stewie!!

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