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Free Clicker E-book at AgilityNerd

Clicker training is the best, and you can get some info about it and a free ebook download at AgilityNerd

Have fun!

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Elephant Trick, in progress………….

Here is some video of Stewie’s trick progressing.
Remember I am very new at this!

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Try to tire out the Terrier

This winter has been really tough to get Stewie enough exercise. We haven’t been spending much time outside. So we are doing a lot of activities in the house. We practice go on’s to a target at the end of the hall. We also practice our contact behavior using a mouse pad. We are learning a new trick that is supposed to be good for hind end awareness, putting his front feet on a stool and circling around it. I call it the Elephant Trick! We started shaping that the other night. Stewie already knows to put his front feet on top of the stool. I will take some pictures soon and post them. 

Winter is also a great time to practice start line stays and verbal releases, and Crate Games, Stewie loves that! 
Any good ideas to tire him out, please send them our way!
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