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CPE Jumpers Level 2 at Bo-Gee 2-28-09

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Stewie Wildcard Level 2 CPE Bo-Gee 2-28-09

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Here is a shot I snapped at a recent Bo Gee CPE trial in Derry, NH. Have you ever seen so many Shiba Inu’s at one time?

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This is what a “warm up” jump looks like in February in New England!
This is the Bo-Gee CPE trial in Derry Feb. 28 09

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CPE today at Bo-Gee

Stewie entered Level 2 Jumpers. He had a great start line stay while I led out 2 jumps. He had a bit of a wide turn to #4, since he started heading to the off course tunnel #12. The rest of the run was great, and he got a Q and a 1st place with a course time of 20.64 with a SCT of 43. My friend took video of all Stewie’s runs so I will post them when I get them.

Our next run was Wildcard level 2

I led out and sent him out to the A-frame and layer the “B” jump, he got his contact, but did not down on the ground, so we still have work there! The rest of the run was great, and Stewie was fast and enjoying himself. His time was 12.89 with a course time of 43. He got a blue and a Q. It was a fun run.

Our last run was Snooker, and we had a good plan to get a 7 and two 6’s. It all was going according to plan until I was really late calling him while he was in the tunnel and he came out and took the next obvious obstacle, which was not the correct one. All Mom’s fault. Stewie had fun though, which is what counts.

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CPE Trial Tomorrow

Stewie is competing in a CPE trial tomorrow. We have not done any CPE since about 3 trials when he was in novice. I am going to it since it is in the next town, and a new location and a good opportunity to train. We entered 3 runs, Jumpers, Wildcard, and Snooker. I will report back tomorrow and try to get some pics too.

We should have a lot of fun and also get to see some of our friends run too.
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